Sunday, July 24, 2011

Walking | Strolling

Today, woke up at 6.45am because of an SMS. LOL. Yeah, me, Domdom and Weiwei WALKED to oldtown in the early of the morning. Nice cool weather. LOL.

Yeah, you might be asking why I walked there.

Well, to tell you the truth. I have been a lot of deep shit lately. So many things jamming in my mind. So many till I don't even know what's in and on my mind. I just know I have to eat, sleep and of course reluctantly study.

And I realise something.

When we have problems, sometimes it's not necessary to talk to anyone close to you (besides your parents lah, I mean). Sometimes, you need to see something else differently. I don't know about you guys, but after those walking and strolling, it really does help me relieve all my tension over the days I have received.

It's like one step I take, will imprint my tension on the ground. The more steps I make, the more tension I released to the ground.


It's really not necessary to talk to people when you are having huge tensions. Nature always help. I just wanna thank Domdom and Weiwei for willing to walk with me to oldtown to have our breakfast and back McD for a rest and finally, HOME.

6 hours.

People are having UTAR Run, we are having Kampar Walk. LOL.

Amazing. I wish I can walk more. The more I walk, the easier I feel. Sometimes relying on someone's shoulder too much is not good, you get neck ache. LOL. What I mean is, sometimes when relying too much on someone will result disastrously.

Sometimes you don't like what you see, feel or hear. And you go EMO.

So, it's always the best choice to talk to your parents first and see if they can help you, next, solve it yourself.

Your friends are not your twins sometimes, or your clones. They don't know all your problems. They CAN'T know all your problems. There is always a thin line between you and them, you know.

Fortunately, these few days, I am very happy. Happy in the sense that I got to hang out with Music Club people again. Happy in the sense that I can live my last sem's life now. Ordering delivery, yumcha, crazy together and also like today: chat for 6 hours!

Thanks. Really. It's sometimes that crazy friends are able to absorb your tension as well. Haha

Crazy and neutral friends. Those friends who don't actually own a friend circle or a gang. Freelancer. That's the best playmates you can find anytime. Or else if you find someone who has a gang already, it's hard to date them.

"Oh, sorry, I am having dinner with them!"


"Oh, my friends dated me!"


"Ha, my friends are fetching me to shopping mall."


"Accompanying my friends now..."


So, if you find a free, neutral friends (like Weiwei... muahaha), it's easy to date them out and have the most craziest (notice the double superlative words) day (or night)!

Till then,

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