Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Shell [Sci-Fi Synopsis]

Alright, I received some comments from readers that they require a synopsis of 'The Shell' since this is the first time I gave a lame name for my novella (when compare with 'Lunar River', 'Journey of the Angels' and 'Shining Star')

Out in the desert of Sahara, a piece of unknown metal of unknown composition is found. Scientists from all over the world begin to argue about the existence of new material and life beyond Earth when they realise the metal is from the sky.

Twenty years later, several rockets are built to investigate the origin of the fallen sky. But somehow at the same time, the traveller who has been 'killed' by the metal twenty years ago has awaken and warn the astroscientists that no matter how hard they push the rocket engines, they are not going to find out the answers.

Alright, that's all I can reveal. I can give you tips on 'dimensional pockets', 'quantum tunneling' and 'parallel thoughts'.

That's all folks.

Happy reading

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