Saturday, July 9, 2011

Difficult part 3 (I think)

Video-conferencing huh? Thought it would be fun like last time Celcom Youth Ambassador. To my much disappointment, the screen is static, pixelated and poor.

After the much haze, I caught up with cough, which I able to hide it from my friends. I remembered the last time I coughed, one of my friends gave me medicine, another boiled me Chrysanthemum tea and the third bought porridge for me.

Now you know why I hide my cough.

The haze is terrible. It pierces my lungs inside out. And today, I saw a sign of dark clouds. Nah, not white clouds being sunburnt, just a big patch of decent black cloud. Repeat, BIG patch. Real big.

I thought I needed someone to fetch me home from uni because of the rain, fortunately the sky was having constipation, so I cycled home.

Dang! It rained half way. I was like, speechless. Yeah, I don't curse the weather, I love rain actually, but not this time. LOL. Not really soaked wet, but I slipped my foot off the cycle pedal. Result? Sprained ankle. Woots. Congratz.

Reached home with sweat and wet, limping all the way upstairs and started massaging my ankle. Ha, what a day! And yes, like most of my friends who have literally big mouths, I am hungry. So the equation was:

Cold + Wet + Hungry + Pain

No worries, I had ordered my delivery (which I shouldn't). But somehow, I am still hungry...


Today I heard another friend of mine saying. "I love making him jealous, it makes him feel guilty and starts paying more attention to me."

Warning, the 'him' refers to her friend, not me or any of my friends.

Then I was thinking that sentence. True enough. I have done that several times over the course of my life journey. LOL. So uh, I think I should change. Haha. Fancy using people.

Aiks, nowadays I don't know why I feel guilty so easily. I was a steel man once, immune to many feelings, but this sem, my heart is exposed, terribly. LOL.

Dear bruder, thank you so much for everything and sorry again for last Monday. Rest well, live well. I may not be your best understanding bruder, but I am trying my best to be what a bruder should have.

Cheers and ciao,

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