Sunday, July 3, 2011


Scientists postulate that the world we live in is on a piece of brane, much like the wheat and flour embedded on a piece of bread. In a larger hyperdimension, there are several of these 'bread' or branes, connected very closely to one another. One slight collision between the branes, will result in what we called the 'Big Bang'.

The universe most ultimate explosion, that creates everything and anything.

What I am saying is, you can create the best-est moment in life, when you are at infancy. Now as you pave your path to adulthood, you lay your foundations as interesting as possible, or maybe as boring as possible, depending on your profile.

What if you want to have another life? Another one that you don't wish to be like the present one?

Oops, am I giving a hint that you should commit suicide? No, please don't. What I mean is, rewind your life. Start everything from zero where you could. I am not asking you to delete every single memory, but just something that you need to restart back.

I am rewinding it now. For the third time. It's not fun at first. It sounds crazy, but you would eventually pass it. Try making new friends. That's a part of rewinding life. Find a new thing to do, rather than just stick around doing 'traditional' stuffs you used to do.

Be creative.

That's life.

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