Sunday, July 10, 2011

Solitude Moon II

Upon the shadows

Shining the meadow

A silver moon rises

You turned your back

and the sky went black

The tears I cried

are fallen stars from the sky

Indigo heaven

Black trees and raven

Who can feel the solitude of the moon

as you turned your back on me?

Wishing for the stars

to heal the glaring black scars

But the stars are fallen tears

never to be seen again

The moon turned black

as you turned your back

I hope you would look back

to see I am still waiting for you

Solitude moon

ever so lonely

Solitude moon


As the moon is the brightest

during the absence of the stars

Fallen stars, fallen tears

knowing you are near

but you can't see me.

Call my name once

And stars will shine

Solitude moon


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