Saturday, July 16, 2011

Every Heart Has A Sea

I remember telling myself, every heart has a sea. All of us. The entire human race. No matter what race, gender, ethnic we are, we do have a sea in our hearts.

Once, when we are born, we are filling the sea in our hearts. I have a heart made of glistening sea. So glistening that no one dared to peer at it. Besides, it gets choppy all the time, unless I sit down quietly. There are quite a few instances where my sea is a tsunami.

When I am sad, the sea was exceptionally quiet. No breeze, no lapping noise. Just a perfect reflection like a mirror, as if the sea wanted me to look into my guilt and regrets. It's awful to peer at your own guilt. You will find yourself embarassed sometimes.

I do. All the time.

Someone told me, the sea in me is green in colour, where it tastes sour. I get jealous of something else with what I desired is being robbed away, or being neglected. At that point, my sea starts to churn.

Someone told me, if you cannot tame the sea, there is always someone to tame it for you. Just like a lion tamer. There is only one lion tamer for a specific lion for the rest of the life. Thus, you have only one person to calm the sea for you at your entire life.

Soul tamer, they claimed.

I don't know whether I should jump into conclusion or not. Maybe I have found one soul tamer, or maybe it is just my illusion. Anyway, somehow, my sea has not been ever turbulent since last three weeks. Yes, there is once or twice where the waves crash, but it calms as soon as it ended.

Every heart has a sea. You can know how your sea looks like, smells like, and feels like. Sit down and be quiet. When your heart beats, think of a scenery that comes into your mind, your next answer is closer than you think.

Now, what's your sea has to say?

Try it!

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