Saturday, July 9, 2011

Talking to Myself

"You know, he is so difficult to be pleased. He tests your patience!" one of my friends exclaimed.

"Yeah, I don't know what's gone into his mind. The way he thinks is so alien!" another agreed.

Yeah, that's me they are talking about.

*claps claps*

Not many people can tolerate my alien mind. OK, as my bruder and Dinesh said, it's not 'alien', it's unique. A unique mind. LOL. Here, I really feel the warmth of the world (around 28 degree Celsius perhaps?).

Haha, besides the unique mind of mine, some people asked me, why am I not commited to love?

Warning: DON'T LAUGH!!!

Besides telling them that I can't feel LOVE, I mean those romantic love, my friends even 'deduced' something. You guys know that the 4th finger on your left is said to connect straight to the heart? That's why people wear their wedding ring there. But, there is a mole on my 4th finger.

Mole in Chinese: Zhi.

Which is the same sound as 'stopping' in Chinese. So basically, my love potion is 'zhi'ed by the 'zhi'.

Funny friends... Now who has the alien mind huh?


I know I shouldn't write it here, but hey, it's my blog to express.

I am happy to have my bruder around. Serious. I owed you 3 times of dabao, 2 times of fetching me and numerous times of support. Haha. Yeah, if you are reading this blog, I am not sure whether your reaction is "Walao!" or silent smile. LOL.

My bruder and I. LOL.

Anyway, I am indebted. Thanks for the support everyday!

Same goes to Dominance. Although you are busy with your FYP, I can still feel your care towards my wellbeing. Hope we can hang out again. I miss the time we chatted for 4 hours in Kampar Station. LOL.

I am also indebted, sailou. Wish you all the best. Haha.

Haha... sorry la, taken your profile pic, no angry ya! Dailou sek sek. Muahahaha!

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