Tuesday, December 28, 2010

5 S's for Destroying a Star


  1. Shifting. Using particle beam, create a flux in atom-binding energy. Shift the lighter elements (Hydrogen and Helium) to the outer surface of the star and leave the heavier elements in. The star would have nothing to fuse and the crushing force will cause the star to implode.
  2. Strangling. Establish a particle beam flux ring around the star's equator. By tightening and loosening the ring in waves, a strong magnetic force is created. The magnetic field created could strangle the star like a snake, pumping equatorial stellar matter to the poles.
  3. Spinning. Establish a particle beam flux ring around the star from pole to pole. Rotate them. That would cause the magnetosphere to couple with them and drag all the stellar matter with them as the ring rotates. By increasing the speed of rotation, the stellar mass would be lifted like an onion.
  4. Sucking.Toss a planetary-mass blackhole into the fusion core of the star. The star would suddenly have two sites of nucleation. When the radiation threshold is increased when the blackhole burns too much matter, it would blast the star apart, like a bomb.
  5. Singing. Sing to a star. Throb the star with gravitational wave that responds to the oscillation of the star. The same frequency would allow the gravitational energy to pump into the star's fusion core, allow the matter to spew out uncontrollably.

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