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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fill in the blank

It all started in TA 20, 2009, Semester One of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman's Foundation in Arts.

While Edward de Bono says, the middle finger means respect. Me, Nurul, and the others, began to show some respect all around in our secondary school. Yeah, you know what I meant. 'Flipping the bird' , kononnya.

Not this cutie little BIRD, idiot!

Then, my sakai friends told me, instead of being rude by flipping the bird around, especially girls who flip them (did I mention sakai?), they invent a sign language, kononnya 'Fill in the blank' and at the same time showing a gesture.

The gesture is simple: Spread out all fingers, but keep the middle finger closed. That's it. Show it and say 'Fill in the blank lah!'. It means you are still showing a respect but in an inverted way, asking people to fill in the 'blank'...

Now, my music band, the Neamhus seems to be fond of this. Everywhere we go, we show some res...., oops, no, we fill in the blanks!

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