Monday, December 13, 2010


I don't celebrate Christmas. Ever. I use that holiday for... well, holiday. Nothing to do with Christmas. Strictly. Serious.

But when I stepped into tertiary education, Christmas is like everything to everyone. From having a drink, party, BBQ, vacation, trip, to something as modest as exchanging presents. Well, speaking of presents (sly smile), I do wish to get presents. LOL

Since birth, I received presents from these guys:

Parents: Decoratives

Kevin (primary 5): A piggybank

Zhen Yee (form 3): A card

Yie (form 5): A card

Jack and our stupid gang (form 5): A world-known sci-fi Dune

Seng Tat (form 5): A beautiful Hong Kong dragon keychain

Siewcheng, Aili and Crystal (Foundation): A photo stand (gotta love this one)

Gary (Foundation): A Christmas teddy bear

Well, that's it. No more, ever less. All of them (except Gary) gave me during my birthday. It is rare to have someone send me a gift on birthday because my birthday often falls in Chinese New Year holidays. No one is that free to reach my house to gift.

So, hehe, next birthday is after Chinese New Year (2 weeks after, in fact). Any gifts for me? LOL

Owh, yeah, I am preparing online Christmas surprises for 10% of my FB friends for next sunday. Stay tune!


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