Friday, December 17, 2010

ASEP 2005 (II) - Quotations

ASEP 2005 5th anniversary is coming out. Due to the fact that I won't be online after 20 December, I will make do with whatever time I have now...

Quotations. Words people say. Speech people crap. Whispers people gossip. Favourite and annoying. I found these words very 'sentimental' and 'historical':

1. 'That's so "aromatic"!' ~ by me. It means, what you said there was foul, like, say, 'I think we are going to crash', so in respond to that, you just say this!

2. 'Baling lembu, lembu pun mati!' ~ by Joash. He complaint about the wheat bread in Vietnam Airlines was so hard and crusty that even you throw it to the cow, the cow just die.

3. 'No bushes.' ~ by me. It was supposed to be 'no lalang' (lalang = bushes) and when it is re-translate into Cantonese, it simply meant 'mou lah lang' or 'tiada kaitan' or 'it doesn't matter'.

4. 'Can kill.' ~ by Nurul (I guess). Usually derogatory. It actually refers to the superlative of an action. Example, your friend wants to ride a rollercoaster, but you tell him, 'eh, can kill!'

5. 'Did you know 30,000 xxxxx is xxx-ing everyday?' ~ by Joash, 'enhanced' by Nurul. Just fill in the 'xxx', for example, 'Did you know 30,000 leaves are growing everyday?' I agree. It's a stupid fact from a pity fact, which it originated from 'Did you know 30,000 children are dying everyday?'

6. 'Shoot!' followed by 'Bang!' ~ by Nurul and me (the latter). It's a lame joke. Nurul used to say 'Shoot!' instead of 'Damn!', so I respond by saying 'Bang!'. Lame. Lame. Lame.

7. 'Potong tu ketam!' ~ by me. As said earlier, it was translated (badly) from English version 'cut the crap'. I remembered Nurul get annoyed with the 6th and this quotation.

8. 'He is such a good drawer.' ~ by Nurul. Ms Woo was asking us to draw heart shapes for our placards saying 'POVERTY'. Nurul said, 'Let minzhi do it, he is such a good drawer.' It was a slip of tongue. She swore. But we definitely rewarded by a roar of laughter.

9. 'Christina's a gorilla!' ~ by Xiao Wen. I remembered when Jia Yi told Xiao Wen her name is Christina, Xiao Wen went hysterica and yelled 'CHRISTINA'S A GORILLA!' which actually meant 'Christina Aguilera' but her pronounciation was... y'know!

10. 'Bomb the world, make it a "badder" place, for you and for me... ' ~ by Kevin. That's... pathetic! It was supposed to be Michael Jackson's 'Heal the World'. Instead he fooled by singing 'Bomb the World'

Dammit! Gonna miss those phrases!

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