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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Photogenic. MALE vs FEMALE

PHOTOGENIC: Appearing aesthetically or physically attractive in photos.

Mind those '---ally' words. Don't argue about 'chemically' attractive, or even 'biologically' attractive. It's just a pack of nonsense words joined together to create a very formal and technical meaning. Yup, the sentence in pink is a very good example.

Open up my browser >>> enter Facebook >>> Sees a picture >>> XXX has just changed his/her profile picture >>> *click* >>> nothing special >>> *sigh*


All I am trying to say is, or ask is, why FEMALE has more photos than MALE?


C...... C... 271 photos

A.... L...... 393 photos

S... M.. 617 photos

P.... W..... 1797 photos!!!!

L... S.... 136 photos

C.... H.. 204 photos

G... H... 311 photos

H... H... 746 photos!!!

Why? Why does this happen?

If girls wanna show off their faces, but why don't boys only have 2 or 3 photos? Unless they want to show off as well!

I don' have much photos on my Facebook. I just don't understand why. I feel like, erm, ONE photo is enough for me... unless there is another special moment which I need to 'commemorate'.

But, the one with 1797 photos!!??? Maybe I can spell it out to let you all see how much is 1797:

One thousand seven hundred and ninety-seven.

Seribu tujuh ratus sembilan puluh tujuh!!!

What about me?

145 photos ONLY

One hundred and forty-five

Seratus empat puluh lima

Go use a ruler and measure both statements. See the difference!

The first photo ever captured with the MIDDLE FINGER.

Find out which one of them! XD

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