Monday, December 13, 2010

Face Problem

Serious face problem, indeed.

Because of my no-nonsense face, many people is scared of me. They tried to avoid jokes and be serious with me.

COME ON. I AM NOT THAT SERIOUS OK? You can ask Siewcheng, Tanning, JiXuan, Yitmun, NS friends and others.

When I first said I watched FIFA World Cup, my friends stared at me as if I am a rare artefact in a museum. The reactions I got were:

'FIFA wor? You watch it?'
'You know how to play football meh?'
'Are you dreaming?'


Excuse me ok, I watched my first World Cup programme in somewhere primary 4 or 5, dah lupa. But I know the players ok??? I look like a nerd but I know THINGS, ya know~!

Then, I seldom talk about me playing DOTA. When I spoke I wanna DOTA... Again, they stared at me:

'You play de meh?'
'I thought you play FB games only.'
'Sure noob de.'


I know my face looks serious, nerdy, no-fun type, but HEY, listen, just effing LISTEN, I do play DOTA, I watch FIFA, I watch Thomas, I watch Olympics, I play barbiedolls (joke). So why don't you put down your assumptions on me being a good boy, 'guai guai zai' forever?

When I said I am hanging out with friends, they are like:

'Your mom let you out ah?'
'Hang out with you also don't know do what.'
'You shop de meh? I thought you hide in bookstores...'


Dear God, I am not anti-social OK? Just sometimes the places you all go are ridiculous to me, especially the timing, then only I reject.

The equation: [no outing]+[serious]+[nerd] = [super nerd]

DOES NOT apply to me.

And hey, I don't really like studying, ya know! I am just an ordinary guy! ==

Love you
See you


  1. woohoo, my name appear here, *SHY*
    u tis super nerd
    mayb u can chg ur appearance o attire
    let all of us shock 99...

  2. hahahah.... u r my fans, of course i put u here lah....
    i dun wan change appearance... later u all cannt kenal me