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Friday, December 10, 2010

Being Childish

Being childish is C*U*T*E, sometimes innocent...
...^ ^

Although I am a little bit mature-looking (Oops!), I tend to have some childish moments. Maybe it is in my gene (yeah, blame the gene, eh) or maybe I am just too young to be mature at all (*giggle*)

I remembered once, I asked my mum about how she met dad. You know, it's kinda strange: mum stays in Kedah, while dad stays in Perak, a 2-hour distance between both of them. Trust me, it is still a mystery till present day.

Me: 'Mi, how you and papa found each other?'

Mum: 'Erm....... (thinking)'

Me: 'Actually I know already!'

Mum: 'You do? But I havent'...'

Me: 'Because arh, you call popo (her mother) "Ah Mak" and papa called mama (his mother) "Ah Mak". So since both of you also call each other's mother "Ah Mak", then you are viable to be my papa and mama!"

Mum: (stared at me, speechless, gestureless)

Another instance:

Me: 'Mi~~~ I am hungry!'

Mum: 'I don't have anything for you to eat.'

Me: 'Really?'

Mum: 'Well, there is one. Inside the Vitalite tupperware. There's a cookie.'

Me: 'I want! I want!'

Mum: 'But I thought you hated that cookie?'

Me: 'Is it p... ' (I was about to ask peanut cookie because I thought as long as something called 'cookie' it is a peanut cookie)

Mum: 'Nah, here it is.'

Me: (Open up, *Gasp*) 'I don't want!'

Mum: 'Why?'

Me: Because it looks very ugly! Sure not tasty!'

BOOM!!!!!! Mum was stupefied.

Actually that cookie was a tau sa piah.

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