Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Chinese New Year is coming. Gosh, I have to clean up the house, wipe the window, arrange the living room... bla bla bla...

Worse, I have a cough. It's not an ordinary cough, it's ticklish, it's allergic cough. Once cough, akan cough tak henti-henti. Idiot. Hate it.

It all started the day before yesterday. And yesterday, to speak frankly, I don't sing at Karaoke, because of ONE single thing: it's very creepy. I don't know my friends could sense it or not. It is scary. The corner I sat, well, I felt someone or something is watching me. If my friends noticed, I kept playing around with my religious beads on my wrist.

I didn't feel right there. It's like many things were watching over me.

The feeling got worse when I went to the toilet. I don't want to say more, but I swear I 'saw' something/someone. Since before the K was built/renovated, I never EVER went to the end of Jusco. The sensation is NOT right.

But hey, I can't be so 'anti-social' right? It can't be I left all my friends out and I just walked around outside. Keras-kepala-ing is the only way.

Tell you guys, there are really THINGS in the Karaoke. One of them harrassed my uncle before, and several of my friends...

Enough said.

CNY is coming... my peanut cookie is coming out soon. Damn, still coughing... Did you know there is a belief that when you are sick, you cannot make CNY cookies?

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