Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sick | Owe

1st of December, I've fallen sick, officially. Nice eh? I wasn't sick till my younger bro caught a disease. I guess I have made him well by making myself sick. LOLx.

Trinity College London Award Ceremony will be held soon and I am performing. Please, God, let me heal faster...

I think I have caught a disease I fear most: 瞌睡病. OK, I am not that sure about that name, because it was given by Zi Han when I was primary 6. I will describe the symptoms, though.

Super sleepy
Lazy to move
Eyes are heavy but mind is clear
Can puasa for days
Prefer bed over others

It's suffering. But what can I do?

I haven't taken a meal for one whole day till I specially made a request of Ji Xuan to bring me porridge. Hot porridge. Nice.

I guess I owe her one. Next time if possible, I will da-bao for her too. And repay the 50cents I still owe her just now.

50 cents eh...?

I remember I still owe Zi Han 5 cents since primary 6. If using depreciation and inflation method, I am not sure the value still has the value of 1 cent, though.

Haiz, sleepy... Next day course registration and HAVE to go to school for lesson and tips.
How to go? Class at 2pm, registration also the same. PLUS I am sick...

Tolong ar tolong....

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