Monday, December 6, 2010

Trinity Guildhall Awards and Concert 2010

I am glad to help there. Thanks to my teacher, Ms Wong Soo-Sein, I have my time to expose myself to the National Office of Trinity Guildhall School.

Ms Tai Cheah Sin, Ms Amy, Ms Wendy... everyone! Just glad to meet you all. Fonseka and Dr Kirsty, as well as Mr David G Robinson, please to meet you all. Love your humour, doctor! David, please get well. It hurts me so much to see you walking in much difficulties.

Great grand piano you got there, Mr Henry Chan!

Oh yeah, Cheah Sin, thanks for your compliment on my bro and I's duet 'Empress of the Pagodas' as well as our souvenirs! Haha!

To all parents and teachers, sorry if I didn't escort you all nicely to the hall, because I was super busy with the booklets. (Blame the National Manager though!)

Yup, it's U-Jin who came late, that manager... made us so rush... but thank god ,we are through!

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