Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Malaysia, tropical country, close to the equator. And yet, it feels cold this month. My feet is like touching a cold soda. Sorry, not ice though, nothing to be exaggerated here.

It made me realise (somehow rather late XD) that this month is December. My mum used to say, December is the coldest month when the cold winds from China begin to cast its magic southwards. During these times, people would prepare for Chinese New Year. (Nah, not Christmas for me)

Winter solstice. It was the Chinese who invented the 24 mini-seasons about when to plough, when to seed, when to harvest and when to prepare New Year. (Ketam: I am proud to be born in the month of 'First Spring').

We will make glutinous riceballs, or tangyuan. But that's all about ketam anyway.

What I mean is when the cold wind blows, it means spring is near.

Chinese New Year is near.

Nah, who said anything about winter Christmas anyway? I told you, I don't really celebrate Christmas. It's just a holiday for me. Not a festive holiday for me. But hey, it is a festive holiday for everyone. Got it? Nah, just nonsense and ketam.

Last night Nurul posted a note something about Muslims cannot greet Merry Christmas. At first, I felt ridiculous. I thought, 'Merry Christmas' is just a nice warm greeting anyway. What is it so haram to speak and wish?

Then I consult my bro Amirul at Egypt. Nah, I didn't really fly to Egypt. FB chat, silly. He told me it's true but many Muslims are unaware. He said, every perayaan regarding or related to religion, Muslims are prohibited to wish those non-Muslims. Conflict of faith, he called it.

So, so far I can remember, only Wesak Day, Thaipusam, Christmas and Deepavali are those religious holidays. They cannot wish us like 'Happy Deepavali!'. So, dear non-Muslims, if you want to wish, please take note ya! Don't offend their religion. Be nice. Peace. 1Malaysia! (Seriously, I prefer all united. Stop discriminating and be racist)

Yeah, speaking of racist, I saw many people condemning each other's race. Come on, if you condemn people to stop them being racist, YOU are racist. I have been to NS, I know we are not all racist, its just all about prasangka. So STOP it! Live together!

Yup, another piece of ketam. But at least a good one. XD

Where was I? Yeah, winter.

Advice from me:
Winter brings cold, because warmth is on the way. Don't complain it. You keep groaning about life's unfair. Bullshit. Without whamming on the wall, you are not going to realise what you didn't appreciate. Same thing here: Without winter, you will never appreciate the warmth all year round.

Life is fair, ladies and gentlemen.
The equation has not been equated.
You have 80 years beyond.
The equation begins when you are born.
A complicated one.
Not just an ordinary linear equation or quadratic.
It takes 80 years to equate.
By the time you know it,
your life is equated.

Love Life!

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