Tuesday, December 14, 2010


WARNING: Ketam ini tidak merujuk kepada haiwan laut yang berkaki sepuluh.

Y' know, sometimes it's very annoying to hear people talk about great things. No. Not those great things Napoleon had done. Not those great things those serial rapists had done. It's about themselves.

Yes! They talk about their great things.

No. Not plan to conquer the world or something. Just, for me, simple things. Simple crap I call it. Or 'Ketam Mudah'. Oh, ignore it, it is just one big Ketam here.

(Talking about 'ketam', it was coined by me. Yeah, just go back and read the 'Quirky Names' blog post of mine. You will know how quirky am I in giving names. I remembered it was Nurul who said 'Cut the crap!!!', then I would respond to her, 'Potong tu ketam!')

Another ketam I have written. Yet, this ketam is necessary as much as it is an introduction. XP

You know, I meet some people, who always crap about their talents, experience, their GREATNESS. Which, when you sum those up, you get a perfectly-rounded ZERO.

'Ei, the badminton ar, cannot play like this. You know how I win or not, I ah...'
'Handphone cannot buy this model, you see mine. Mine I choose it because I know the...'
'English? No need to study so hard... I didn't get good result also can pass... as long as it pass...'
'I tell you, when I do this, I know its exactly right, because...'


Ketam is just everywhere...

Bunuh! BUNUH!!!

SOLUTION (my way):
If someone keeps crapping, just say: Bak kata ketam-ketam...
If he/she still craps, say: Potong ketam tu...
If he/she still persists, say: Hentikan ketam...
If he/she still (sadly) craps, say: Alhamdulilah, mana dapatnye ketam yang banyak tu!

Ketam, oh ketam...

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