Wednesday, December 15, 2010

ASEP 2005

Specially for Nurul, Joash, Wai Meng, Christina, Ginger, Fiona, Zhi-Jun, Kevin, Julia, Shaynee... and everyone in ASEP2005: Our Earth, Our Home

It's been 5 years now. The 5th anniversary. How are you guys coming? Damn miss you much.

  1. I missed the time when you all held our names, photos, school names, posters high in the airport.
  2. I missed the shouts when you all first saw us.
  3. I missed the time we were treated like celebrities.
  4. I missed the time we had fun in their school singing Negaraku. (Seriously?)
  5. I missed the time we saw people sleeping in class because there is a sleeping session in school.
  6. I missed the time we sang 'Pengyou' by Zhou Hwajian. (more than 3 times singing)

  7. I missed the time Joash sang 'Pretty woman', bullied by Nurul and her 'sisters'.
  8. I missed the time we went to San Min Vocational High School to do our presentation
  9. I missed the time we sang 'Heal the World' together with the audience swaying their arms.
  10. I missed the time we ate potato chips when people are presenting
  11. I missed the time we heard the crowd yelling for giving us the 5-star rating for our presentation
  12. I missed the time we were dragged into the PA room and asked what song we sang.
  13. I missed the time we had fun with the principal of Yu Chang.
  14. I missed the time we had disco fun in SMVHS hall.
  15. I missed the time we sang Mimpi and Malaysia Truly Asia (and dance too!)

  16. I missed the time we (Christina, Nurul and Shaynee) went to JFS themepark and smuggled food into this monster Ferris Wheel:

  17. I missed the time I first rode on a rollercoaster. I swear I never ride on it again. After riding that rollercoaster:

  18. I missed the time we (me and my foster family) had buffet steamboat dinner.

  19. I missed the time we (me and my foster family) bought gifts that could drag an aeroplane down.
  20. I missed the time we chatted heart to heart
  21. I missed the time we had fun
  22. I missed the time you all had tears when sending us back to airport
  23. I missed the time when I woke up late to get to the airport
  24. I missed the time when I realised I wasn't the last one to get to the airport (Ms Woo is late)
  25. I missed everything guys!

It's been an honour to meet you all. You make our eyes bigger to see broader things. It's the 5th anniversary though. I don't know you all still remember us, growing up into early adulthood. I wish I can go to Taiwan to meet you all.

Yeah, I agree on Nurul. We look stupid. We were innocent. Seriously.

I don't know how to write this post. I don't want it to be redundant or same as Nurul's because we both share the same feelings (I believe). So I want she to have her own blog and mine to have mine so that you readers can read both, rather than just one of us...

If I were to write everything down, I am afraid it's gonna be another novel. My original diary of this is 16 pages long. I bet you don't want to read that!

Somehow there are a few things I think it is a bit awkward:

When we spoke Chinese, they were like: 'Oh? You can speak Chinese! You can write Chinese! OMG! Really? Malaysians speak Chinese?'

That statement made us stop communicating in English with them and we used Chinese. Result? Reprimanded by Miss Woo. 'This is an international event, you cannot just speak Chinese to them! They are supposed to learn up English, that's why they organise ASEP. You must understand.... bla bla bla and bla...'

Their school does not have a canteen. Their food is delivered by some guys. When we asked them where is the canteen, they brought us to their fish pond. LOL. Because 'pond' and 'canteen' sounds almost the same in Chinese. XD

Their school has a sleeping session where students sleep for 30minutes? I forgot. Just kinda.... weird. Wonder when Malaysia will adopt it huh? XD

JOASH is in love with FIONA. LOL. Sorry. Just being straight though. Joash seemed perplexed by Fiona. (Fiona don't kill me please! I speak only the truth). That goes well with his famous saying: Where there're girls, there's Joash'.

NURUL was called as 'Niu Rou' or 'beef' by most Taiwanese students. Cannot blame them though. They have exposed to Chinese since birth. Right?

LOL.... just miss you all guys... respond to me! HAHA....


  1. AND AND AND remember we went to the night market and out fave phrase was CAN KILL? hahahahha

  2. and the time at VIETNAM HOTEL! woooooooohoooooooo

  3. hahahah,,,, yaya CAN KILL... somemore the buns offered in the airline? Baling lembu pun mati!