Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Poi Lam | NS | UTAR

3 'cultures'. Yet, different.

Poi Lam friends. Basically during my later years, I spend most of my time with Orangutan, Crow, 'One-bowl-of-mee', Japanese monkey, Ripe mosquito and Cock. Nice having time with 'em. I remembered the pantomime we put on. The 'violence' and 'sex' scene (it's not what you think)... even Pn Tan Get Peng saw us gila-ing around... *embarrassed*

NS friends. I spend my time with Hornets, buddy Fizan and some from Sukhoi. Not really much time for me to have fun. I just spend MOST with Cindy. Making her laugh and 'angry'. LOL. Till one of the Jurulatih thought we are in love. Hell, impossible.

UTAR friends. I'm not going to say 'spend my time' here, I will use the word 'gila my time'. Mostly with Siewcheng, Jixuan, Tanning, Puaycian, Apple, Panda wei wei, Weifa...

BUT, one big BUT, I realise I spend 95% of my time with GIRLS. What's wrong with me?

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