Thursday, April 28, 2011


I am aging. Serious. Maybe my brain worn out fast. Lately I found out that I tend to forget people's names, faces, things and even where my possessions kept. Dementia? I dunno.

I am worried.

I talked to one of my friends today (or maybe a mind-tamer?) and I told him about my condition. He told me that, indeed, my mind is aging quicker than expected. And that has something to do with what I've done during this semester.

It's true. I have been more focused than before. Friendship, family, finance, events, performance, skills etc, all these has diverted all my mind power away, rendering my mind vulnerable to aging.

I am overly protective over many issues. That also made me use my mind much. I no longer speak correct sentences. I barely even speak some sense. Now, I talked pointless blabbers more than anything else.

My philosophies ideas stopped channeling in my mind. I stopped writing songs. It's like I am changing, or a monster has consumed my mind away.

My friend also told me, there is a possibility that some of my skills actually 'diffuse' into other close friends, making my mental power to deteriorate over time.



  1. chill la dai lou, everything will be fine...when v tend 2 think much think for sure we will forget some...our brain is not programming...tend to talk pointless is kinda good oso but nt too much la...for me, u stil make sense in the way u talking...

  2. thanks for having that thinking on me sai lou.... hope i wont get crazy soon... LOL.... anyway... welcome to my blog... LOL

  3. No prob, dai lou...wont geh la...LoL xD

  4. thanks ar sai lou... lately emotion got a bit upside down... haizzzz