Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bo Jio

Bo Jio.

This is a common term around me nowadays.

"Jom. Yumcha!"

What is this? I am not very good in Hokkien before, but because of my amazing adaptability (SS-ing), I still got the meaning of Bo Jio successfully. *clap clap*

It's kinda hard to find someone to have a meal with me quietly. Whenever I jio someone, others sure will shout "BOJIO!". Whoa, don't tell me I have to jio everyone else. Some are even worse. They hint hint you, keep on posting those status to tempt you to jio them. If you don't jio them, the outcome would be the same "BOJIO!"


I wonder last time when they had meal and yumchas together, how many times they didn't jio me. HAHA. I am not vengeful, but I am merely pointing out the fact that, it's not that I bojio you guys, it's because, err, I don't feel like jio you guys. Why? Several reasons. LanC; limited topic; unsuitable topic; busy; studying etc.

That's why, I sure jio those who sure will come out, like QiWen, WeiWei, DomDom etc.

OK OK, fine, blame me on my poor timing. I don't care. I am just trying my best to reduce to shouts of "BOJIO!!!"

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