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Friday, April 29, 2011

Life Flows

We hatched from our own eggs and we started swimming.

At first we were in a small stream, full of love and care given by our parents, friends and relatives at our most naive days. Then, we made our great journey. Like salmons, we have to swim to our destination.

Life is like that.

We are now at a phase of dangerous river, where water gushes and bends sharply around large boulders. There, you have two choices: ONE, you stand on your own feet and cross the river by stepping above the rocks, avoiding any rushing currents to drown you down. TWO, you swim about every rock, agile and ever creative, just to bypass some rocks and still go on.

Either way you choose, it makes you special.

Our life ends when we reach the ocean, where the world is larger, more beautiful, complicated and intoxicating. But we still have to go through dangerous channels and flows before we can reach the ocean.

Now, first thing first: did you remember how you manage to start your first swim?

Was it
You standing by the river, not daring to take even a step of cold water?
You waiting by the shore, hoping the river current would slow down for you?
You just dashed into the river and just swim without thinking?
You just swam and never cared about anything else?

Either way, you must have successfully stepped into the river by now. If you aren't and you are still in your tweenage, then I suggest you to do something about it. Life is not going to wait for you.

Don't wait till the river runs dry and you start weeping over.

Grab the life, plunge into it, enjoy the coolness and swim in it!

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