Saturday, April 30, 2011


WARNING: This post contains elements of SS (Syok Sendiri). Anyone suffers from SS allergies should be prevented from reading. Readers discretion advised.

Following the post of 'Whenever I am lost, I can still find you', I suddenly got 'high'.

Hey, I admit I am truthful till the end. Not like SOME people who smiles at you everyday but stabs at you every night. I don't backstab people. If you are a great person, I will treat you with all the greatness you deserve, and correct you if you take a deviated path, even if you insist on doing it.

I remembered once, a friend, A, told my friend B, that I am not a good person. I am evil. I am having a double personality, I kill to survive. And B, horrified of what I am, fled from me and followed A.

I was utterly disappointed. But, fortunately, I gathered myself up and moved my life forward. It's not like I am losing everything if B is not my friend anymore. At least, somewhere I know, there will always be one willing to listen.

And guess what, B turned back to me a couple of years later, and said, A was a jerk and I was the one truthful all time long. I didn't smile back and shouted 'NAH! I TOLD YA!'. I just patted on his shoulder and said, 'It's better you figure it out yourself. It's your heart anyway and you should listen to it. Not me.'

Then only he said, 'Whenever I am lost, I can still find you.' He was apologetic because he had damaged my reputation, people's trust on me, and backstabbed me throughout the years.

I didn't say anything. It's normal to have people doing things like that to you. I call that jealousy. Or maybe immature. But take it easy, we all are born to be selfish. I am immune to backstabbing. I have received more knives and bullets than anyone.

That's why I want people to know, despite those deception, lies and backstab, I am a loyal, trustworthy and true person which you can rely on even the whole world turn against you.

But, anyway, who cares?

Just bear in mind, I don't hurt people for fun. You can make friends with all the liars, and confused that they are the truthsayers, and condemn me. I don't care. I just don't. I am born to be a solo helper.

My heart is like a touch-and-go system. You come in and surely you will leave. I won't take a damn thing from you. I don't even want anything.


Unless you got something I wanted.

Nah. Just to be clear, even in the muddiest water, I am still a crystal in the lake. Clean and true to the sun. =)

Y'know why I write this? Because I am proud of what I am, who I am.

See ya!

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