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Saturday, April 9, 2011

From Attached to Detached

Alright! Just love studying right now because I am studying with Steph, Tanning and Isaac. Woots. Today is the super-est. Squeezing our mind, creating self-theories and assumptions about Accounting 'Shares and Debentures' for entire 4 and a half hours. I never studied that long time before. And guess what, there wasn't any break in between.

Woots squared.

Well, let's say this morning I started off by having breakfast with LingShiau, and then renew my Smartcard for RM50 (T.T). Then I DotA-ed for one game before Steph came yelling my name at my house. LOL.

Oh yeah, I forgot one thing: Faruq SUDDENLY chat with me via FB. I was like, 'wow'. And he asked me whether I am going to Setapak after this semester. I was like, 'huh'.

This wasn't the first time he 'confused' or 'linked' my stuff and JuanWyn's. I mean, what the heaven? Last night I went for dinner with him, he also asked me about JuanWyn's stuff. How am I supposed to know? Orang punya private stuff, I have no rights to know man!

This 'connection' between me and JuanWyn is seriously overdone by Faruq. Every time he sees me, he sure asked, 'Eh? JuanWyn leh?' Or, 'Have you met JuanWyn lately?'. OK, even DomDom felt weird. LOL. What's me going to do with JuanWyn (he even pronounced the name wrongly)?

So this day, I asked him, 'Why you keep linking me and JuanWyn together?'

He said, 'I actually realised I like to link you both, cause you guys look like brothers... hahahaha'

I asked 'Err, which point look like brothers?? @.@'

He replied, 'I mean you guys face look alike.'

*pengsan tros*

Then, (maybe I am doing Hypothesis Testing in my maths for too long) I asked Isaac, 'That Faruq ah, said me and JuanWyn look alike wor...'

(Notice the way I speak English here. XD)

Isaac nodded seriously, 'Yeah, you both got a bit look alike. Both of you have the same style.'

Tanning also agreed.

Err, opinions, anyone? Who's speaking the truth?

From attached to detached. I told myself don't attach to so many people. Detaching them one by one so that I will be free to do whatever I want to. But this little Faruq seemed to be making me wanna attach me back to everything I have detached.


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