Monday, April 4, 2011

Dark Ice

OK, whatever it is, I am dark - figuratively and literally - and I am cold - physiologically and psychologically. And BY THE WAY, I am not EMO-ing till I turn dark and cold, like dark ice. It's just, I am not serious in certain things and now I need a change. Ha.

The feeling of losing a friend is immuned for now, as expected. I thought I cannot cope with it, but before MPO, I can. I realise that there are more people to come.

Wee, waiting for the T-Shirt to arrive and I will wear it as often as I can. [OK, that does not sound like me]

But hey, I enjoy my life now. Far better than earlier of this semester. Woots. Count as a progress? No, I think it is a regress. I am supposed to be like this. Silly thinking of those useless people...

OK, I know this blogpost is a bit scattered and shattered, or fragmented, but who cares? It's my blog anyway. You wanna read it then you have to bear the risk of pening kepala.

And oh, one more thing. I am OFFICIALLY being bullied.
(1) Mr Soong keeps asking me to find a girlfriend.
(2) My friends (WeiWei and Kelly and even MR SOONG) keep saying I am in a romantic relationship with Faruq

Faint faint faint faint...

Me. MinZ, Dark Ice Arising

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