Thursday, April 28, 2011


I don't recall whether I have another blogpost with the same title or the opposite (LOST), but hey, anyway, I am feeling a bit different today.

If you have read my Facebook, then I think you should know what I am going to write.

OK, many (or a few, I can't be sure) friends know that I am quite 'fatherly' or 'brotherly' in relationships. Now, everytime, since secondary 2 I am already like that, no doubt. And I sometimes do hope people to understand why am I doing this.

This day, one of my friends said 'Whenever I am lost, I can always find you.'

It was touching indeed to finally have someone understands. I am going to like, relieved or something. I don't know how it feels like, but anyway, it feels great.

Thanks for your faith upon me, friend. I wish you well in the future and I will keep my promise that I will forever at your back supporting you.


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