Sunday, April 3, 2011

Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra = Money Pouring Occasion

Right, slept at 2am Sunday and woke up at 5am on the same day. Then WeiFa had already arrived my house by 6am, making me rushed through my bath and cloth. Then we got ready with those formal shirts and food, we walked to school together with WeiWei by 7.10am.

I don't know. I stop crapping here and skipped everything to where the 'adventure' began.

We reached KLCC and we went for lunch at Sushi King (which sadly/gladly is my 2nd time to any Sushi King outlets). And gosh, I ordered Salmon Steak at RM19.90, yet to be discounted by the sponsored RM7. LOL. Tasty but super full (all thanks to Mr Soong who 'willingly' 'donated' half the bowl of rice to me)

Then we went to MPO. Alice Sara Ott. Woots. Nice hair flipping but not energetic enough. I was wishing myself going up the stage and helped her. OMG... fantasizing... and one of the violinists looks smart enough to capture WeiWei and my attention. LOL. But... when... haizzzz.......

Then went to Sungai Wang Plaza. Spent money at Teppanyaki. Excuse me, I regretted ordering that Ebi Soba. My God. So oily and tasteless. Like drinking oiled sky juice. Disgusting. But the feeling was offset by the presence of WENGYEW!!! Weeee~~~ Long time no see, that made us all super happy...

Haha, yeah that's a summary.

One more thing, KL loves our money. Besides that RM19.90 sushi set, I spent another RM14.05 for the Teppanyaki, RM5.50 (but still Wengyew treated us) for the Wrap Food (dunno what's it called) and RM0.20 for entering the washroom.


So, I am officially broke now. MOMMY!!! Bank in money please!!!

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