Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's Kinda Hard

Nah, I ain't talking about the exams. I talking about other thing else.

It's kinda hard to stand at the crossroad, figuring out where to go when someone else already walk it out for you.

It's kinda hard when you thought you have found someone so long and yet they just leave you in silence.

It's kinda hard to treat someone well but they seemed to be in a rush to throw you away.

It's kinda hard to let someone go just to allow another person in.

It's kinda hard to imagine facing the world alone.

It's kinda hard what you hope for becomes your own disappointment.

It's kinda hard when you thought you touch someone's heart and they just tell you to 'buzz off'.

It's kinda hard that every effort you made is unnoticeable and yet be blamed for every thing.

It's kinda hard to know that certain promises you keep breaks because of the interference of other parties.

It's kinda hard.... =(

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