Friday, April 22, 2011

Bang 'n' Dang

It's been quite some time since I blogged properly, and even longer time since I am back Ipoh. About 12 weeks. Dang, I shouldn't calculate it. My hair is getting longer and thicker by the day. I think by next week I am able to comb a Elvis Presley's hairstyle. No joke, man.

Speaking of hairstyles, JuanWyn suggested that I have a mohawk hairstyle. Later, in an entirely independent situation, WeiZhi said the same thing. When photographing with Dominance, YiChing told me the same thing again.

Well, excuse me, does Mohawk hairstyle really suits me? Look, I am having a wavy hairstyle (I STILL DOWAN to admit my hair is curly), and if I were to have a mohawk hairstyle, I must straightened my hair? I dunno. I am seriously not into fashion. As long as I wear smart, look smart and... smart, then I don't care.

Plus, how to comb a mohawk hair? Takes how long? Exact estimate (oxymoron here) please.

Since last week's beach party and another last week, (OK, two weeks ago) I realised that, every single truth about me has been blurted out to one person. I don't know why. I just think that, it's time to let people know I have been not myself this semester.

And gladly, I manage to solve many misunderstandings and conflicts for these two weeks and still find that relationships aren't jeopardised as I thought. Phew. If not, I will lose another more than one friend.

Right, Ms Kavitha once said, diary log is supposed to be private, but why write blog and let everyone sees? Well... narcissistic? I dunno. Dang, what's wrong with me nowadays? I am having a serious personality change.

First, I am studying super harder than I thought.
Second, I smile more than previous semesters.
Third, I suddenly become high profile.
Fourth, I lost someone when I get another.
Fifth, I become more and more dependent and caring.


Next semester, I have a lot of events coming up, and guess what, Ms Kuah from Business Finance wants to learn piano from me. Right, that's a way bit awkward...

Private, but not so private post:
I wanted to have him as my private student. The one with 3 girls one. He seems OK, willing to learn and smart. But I think I shouldn't have him. Conflicting emotions now.

I rarely sleep tight nowadays, thinking about this and that, these and those.

With another week, JuanWyn is leaving for hometown and Setapak, F is also leaving, SS is transferring to another college. Why, this is a hell lot of me to swallow when my person is about more to others than to myself.

I thank another friend who cares about me and hope to discover my fullest potential.
I thank Isaac for willing to listen to my words when I have something to say.
I thank WeiWei for teman-ing me in many difficult situations
I thank JuanWyn for this semester
I thank Steph for the study group
I thank everyone.

It's week 14 people. And it's the final day of the week.

I promised myself that
One day, I am going to meet all my great friends I have made. I promised.
I have only treated three person as my own brothers, one has failed me, another two remaining. I will, as I promised to the 'authority' that I will continue to guide them and help them.

It's about them, not me.

Alright, that's the cost of unable to online. If not, this blog will separate into 4 different titles. So guys, prefer me to be online or offline? LOL

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