Friday, April 15, 2011


After that freak storm on Sunday, my house Modem got blasted. So I have been offline till now. Bet you all feeling relieved that no one going to spam FB walls and blogs huh? Well, too bad, I am back. But only for now. My Modem isn't replaced.

Guess what, I've dropped 2.5kg in 4 days. Know why? I ate only 2 meals. 1 at Vegas with JuanWyn and his friends, and another just yesterday. Puasa? I don't know. I am feeling, erm, strange. I feel like I don't wanna eat for the rest of my life.

Maybe something has caught up on me. Maybe because I can't face the fact that so many of my friends are leaving me this semester. Nah, all these are just TTM. Till now I still cannot figure out what's gone wrong with me.

Maybe someone was right. I shouldn't help people too much till I forgot about myself. Hmm.

It's really been a shock in my life.

I felt sorry for so many people all of a sudden, as if I am going to leave them. I was like OMG. That's totally not me.

And one more thing, I realised I have been under a person's care, just like what I always did to some people in my life. Because of that person, I became an MC, Manager, Performer and Planner.

I thank you.
Each and everyone.

You all deserve my thanks and apologies.


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