Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Letting Go

Letting go is harder than picking up. Mostly because humans are possessive-crazed. Once we want something, or got something want, we will never let it go. Positive thing, though, but it still kills.

Famous situation is about love and romance. You can't let it go easily because you are emotionally attached to the person you love. But do you know, letting go sometimes will let you hold more in the future?

After letting myself go, in my hands, more and more projects and events are pouring in as event consultant, event planner, head of departments. Sounds tempting. But I only chose three out of those. Why? Because I know, I may have the best mind and mouth, but I have a pair of poor hands.

Knowing your weakness is a key. And people keep saying 'Correct your weaknesses.' But for me, 'I change my weakness into strength'. Don't get it or me wrong. What I mean is, certain weakness I still keep it. I won't change it. And I use it when time is necessary.

Consider myself a chatterbox, at least I can use that to wake people up, change people's perspective and behaviour. I remembered I successfully helped a super duper bad and naughty student during my secondary school days into someone brand new till he never bullied anyone and behaved properly.

I am not blowing any trumpets (or playing any piano, if you insist) here. I am merely pointing out the fact that letting go of yourself to embrace the others is a very good thing.

I am shy. Seriously shy. I don't go out and shout out publicly, find some officers to talk with or even pay my rental (this was an old case, I am no longer like this). But shy has its positiveness. It stops you from reaching too high till you forget where you stand. It stops you from getting killed before you know.

Now, multiple projects have landed into my hand, with one of them I am being fully in-charged. It was unexpected. But I have to do it. I got unwanted positions, states and situations all the time, especially once I got the post of 'Kebersihan', but so what? I finally enjoy it.

Don't frus and fret over undesired options. Go and frus and fret over your frus and fret behaviour. No one is 100% perfect. And don't be perfect. Perfect guys or girls are hard to communicate.

Be there, let go, embrace, enjoy. B.L.E.E.

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