Friday, April 1, 2011


Despite the fact that most of my friends will be leaving me soon after this semester, mostly because of graduation, internship and course transfer, and I was EMO-ing about that, I actually come to think that, it's a cycle end.

It's time for me to start anew like always before. Metamorphosizing. Yeah, you have seen this word a zillion times in my blog. If I need to metamorphosize, I need to start afresh, starting by deleting those which I have strings attached to.

Right, I am not talking about unfriending anyone. I am talking about put those nostalgic moments, friends aside and start feeling out. It's time to walk the maze of moments on my own. Like LingShiau said, it's no point attaching to someone who is obviously of no use for your future, except accompanying you for fun.

OK, I am not talking about using anyone. I am saying, certain things need to let go, to allow others to grow. You don't pluck the fruit and the fruit will be eaten by the pest. It's your call... Ahem, my call.

Now, hope has arise. Hope has a new place. Hope. I hope. Not I dream. I dream a fool's dream is a hope without hope. Start afresh, Iliustera! Arusta Sezigh!

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