Thursday, April 7, 2011


Oops, I am not congratulating anybody except me. Congratulations, Neruvatar, your ego has finally eaten you up. Go and see your crowd's standing ovation.

Good. I was (am?) appreciative to anyone appearing in my life. I don't let that go easily when I have a chance to be grateful. If I don't, I can't live up my life. But recently, I held my ego high and refused to do this, say that to SOMEBODY.


Because I am an egotistical sanctimonious prick. I wasn't like this before. What made me? Or who made me like this? Seriously, if anyone feeling guilty, please send me a private message. I need to know. Thanks, in advance.

OK, fine. Know what I did? I completely stand up as a 'king' in my own world, showing off with my capabilities or my LanC-ness. This isn't my type. What went wrong with me this semester? Some parasitic alien invaded my mind and changed my neural topology (me and my crazed science fiction elements)?

Humble and humility... please...

Argh, I suddenly feel like being consumed by my pride and ego. It's hard. I wanna talk to somebody how I feel right now. My mum? My dad? But I will be talking to them about happy things. I don't want them to know I am 'stressed out' right now. Friends? If friends, who will listen? My dear Faruq? Puaycian? Sockthing? Andy? WeiWei?



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  1. Dear, just let me know If you need me to be your listener K?.I know you know who I am