Saturday, April 2, 2011


Tonight is the night.

I got the chance to hang out with QiWen, Albert, Desmond and Penny. Hehe. Last few yumchas were not the best, but this one, I can say, I like it like some others. Reason? Simple. We don't talk about girlfriend/boyfriend, lengzai/lenglui and other chick topics.

We chat about wide-ranged topics. I dunno how we switched from one to another. It's like a never-ending story. OK, I am not giving you any ideas of us being wasting the time. But, it is indeed a rare chance to have such friends who talk like that.

Yeah rite, who says guys must talk about chicks, and chicks must talk about guys?

Anyway, you guys managed to rock off my thoughts about those, erm, you know, negative things.

Right, it's time to gaogaozhi.... bye bloggo! See you in the morning (mostly will be in the afternoon)

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