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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dreams Cannot Come True

Evening comes with an 8pm!

Funny how nap turns out to be un'real' when it happens just right after I woke up! LOL. Wonderful things does happen to me!


Eh, don't worry folks, I am not mentally disorder. I just can't stop laughing at the fact that my friend kena bumped, just like my dreams, where I was the one bumping.

Invert dreams. I suppose my recent mind degeneration makes this psychic huh! Haha....

And, oh yeah, I found something in my drawer which I have lost a long time ago! It's a small booklet where I wrote my dreams about it.

Hmm... since last decade, every dream I dreamt didn't come true. Haha, but it happens on somewhat tweak incident.

And guess what, I didn't just dream about the bump, I dreamt about something else as well, and now I happily accept the fate that my dreams are bound NOT to come true. The result is positive. Hypothesis accepted!

And that dream just now, make me realise, I have been in my wonderland for almost two semester. One semester and 2 weeks, if you want to be precise. LOL... and I finally release myself from my cognitive grasp!

Haha... thanks to Y, I am able to reintegrate myself.

And I now know that the Cycle has ended and another has yet to be kickstart! Weeee~~~

So, if any of you wishes me 'May your dream come true!' I would reply 'I am the exceptional case!'

Till again, ciao!

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