Friday, April 1, 2011

It's Over =)

OK, right, I don't like putting emoticons on my title, but just in case you all thought I am EMO-ing... Right, I don't trust your senses.
LOL. Well before I say anything, 'Happy April Fool's Day!' Nobody played a prank on me so far, but I kena pranked indirectly because of QiWen. There was this pair of dudes, holding a triangle piece of paper each, pointing to each other and standing some metres apart, as if they are laying down a wire or invisible thread. QiWen hesitated to walk over, fearing that it would trip her. But I didn't. I wanted to walk over. That QiWen still standing there ternganga. Akibatnya, you know what, Happy April Fool's Day.
There wasn't any strings to make people trip after all. And they thought I also kena pranked. =.=

OK, back from ketam-ing. I am glad everything is over. The Keyboard Weekly Classes, Presentations and Assignments, Tests and Quizzes. I finally can relax. Maybe I am a little bit boiled. I tend to work super fast when the stress is near.
And, of course, besides those academic and co-co things, even personal things and relationships are over. Haha. Don't get me wrong. I am not talking about those love and romance thingy. I am saying that some strings between me and others have to be detached or I will fall together with them into the abyss.
OK, I know I am being metaphoric again. Blame me on my novel writing skills.

First one to 'over' is actually the first person I got close to this semester. How ironic. First to know and first to go. Ha. Never mind, the thing is, I am happy. That counts.

[PS: LingShiau recommended me to stop contributing for others and start being selfish.]

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