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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks

Recently, numerous events had led me to express my gratitude (again) to certain people. Don't worry about the rankings. It isn't important. It's nominal, not ordinal.

Steph. For giving me an exposure in Dance Club. Dominance. For giving me a chance to hold a position in there and trust me even we only know for a few days. Isaac. For giving me a chance to be a helper as well as listen to some of my comments. LingShiau. For enlightening me about your song-composing style and willing to lend your ear to me and advise me. QiWen. For gila-ing with me when I need some gila essence. WeiZhi. For willing to listen to my ideas and give some moral support. And of course: YumCha friends!

Alright, all these happened in this week. I am sleepy now, so I can't elaborate anymore. Don't be sad when your name does not appear here. Maybe it's time to pay attention. =).

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