Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's easy to see people ignoring you face-to-face. But when it comes to text communication, it is somewhat a bit hard.

You can only know it by waiting for your friend's response. If he/she didn't respond to you but respond to others, then, congratulations, you are being ignored. If he/she takes longer time to answer you, even though he/she is online, that could be a sign of ignoring you.

No matter, being ignored feels terrible.

I've known someone, at first I am not being ignored, but maybe my continuous presence on Facebook has crossed the threshold, rendering that person to feel disturbing. Come on, I only 'harrass' you when necessary, or maybe your post on Facebook attracted me, or else I would keep my mouth shut. Oops, keep my fingers tight.

So, after a few times of 'trial and error', note: not Excessive, I am not that aggressive, I decided that I have had enough, and so to that person. Fortunately, it's going to end. LOL. I thought I have delved deep into this pile of steamy punk, but I haven't.

It's time to wait for that person to harrass me, rather than I do the other way round WHICH I know that person WON'T harrass me because I am valueless.

Never mind, I am fine with it =). I've got some people I can mix with. My hope still stays (although it has been so many years). Hehe.

Typical materialistic person.

Mindless jabbers don't count in this blog. Happy day everyone!

[PS: Thanks to you for opening my mind, now I know what and how to deal with that person]

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