Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Change

I change as I promised. I am making new friends as fast as I can say my name in 3 seconds. But is it way too fast? I dunno. I have heard some comments like, 'Hey, it doesn't feel like you before!', or, 'What has gone into your head?' I tell you what's gone into my head, active worm. Hypermobilus verminus. Yeah, me and my stupid scientific terms. I was an active person before, especially during National Service, and now, I am here, to regain my lost memory. Many people asked the same thing: Why? Because, first, I don't want some personal thing to permeate my mind and occupy it to make me feel nervous or depressed. I want my mind to be focused on what I have now, what kind of friends I really appreciate and needs to be connected and what happy memories I have. Although it still found a way today to enter my mind, I am able to block it. Firewall UP!!!

The biggest flaw in human behaviour: selfish I hope everyone here, stop your selfishness. Pay close attention to what your friends or families need or want. Help them. Don't sell fish anymore. We have enough fishermen. Without friends and families, you won't be here standing amidst the crowd. Egotism kills. Narcissism kills Self-centrism kills. Remedy? Care and love heals.

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