Monday, March 21, 2011

That's Not Me

Right... after so long, this is my personal post. Bla bla bla to those philosophies and endless babbles.

I smiled. I changed.

I didn't realise what was I doing. I joined the Earth Hour event this Friday, even though I know my two exams are on Saturday. I joined the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra trip to view my first time in the orchestral hall next two weeks. Then the following week I am attending a miniconcert on Thursday (for the sake of JuanWyn's last work on Kampar and Sunshine's first work as vice-chairman) and the Volunteerism Run at Tronoh Mines.

Gosh. What has gone into me?

Maybe after those practises for the BotC and on the way to KTJ, things gradually changed me. Either a sleeping monster has awoken in me, or some virus has entered my mind to change my neural pattern.

Either way, I think BotC changed me. At least, I can expose myself now rather than cocooning myself. Haha, yeah, right, JuanWyn, being high profile is syok. LOL. Now I am thinking, I think YOU are the one influenced me. =.=

In the near future, I promise myself, I will take up my role that I have lost during my secondary school and be it at the University. I need to be more active. I know the piano won't be in UTAR anytime soon, but I am going to make everyone love piano before there's a piano.


Guitar department is going to lose a good right-hand man, UTAR (Kampar) is going to lose one good entrepreneur mind man and I am going to lose a great friend.

It's not sad, it makes me think. The World is round. No one stands on the same place forever.

All the best to everyone.

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