Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One VS Many

I am not talking about teamwork here.

I am talking about human relationship.

After tonight's keyboard class, I've realised, I have made a stupid decision (yeah yeah, go on, say this to me: "You got make a smart decision before meh?" and see if I care). Previously, asking about the target number of students, I happily and proudly said that I want 30. Max.

Now I regretted.

More students, I am more difficult to focus. Each has their own weaknesses and strengths. Fortunately, the class size is getting smaller. Phew! For the first time in UTAR, I teach it properly. Usually have to teach fast to let other group members to have a chance to play.

Now, I don't think I have the problem. =)

Besides, it is true about my master once told me, friends are not for numbers. You can have many friends, but you cannot accomodate their needs. You are only one person. They are a bunch. You need to be careful on what you say or do. You might make someone happy with your words, but in turn, someone might be unhappy with what you have said.

It's all about chaos theory.

Now, I remembered, once or twice, my friend asked me:
"Eh? Why your lips so dry?"
"I don't know. I drink a lot of water, but I think the air salinity is dehydrating me."
"Yeah, when I was out from Kampar, I don't suffer dry lips."
"Here, I have some suggestions..."

This is not from one friend, but another as well. I was like, stunned. After so long, I never heard someone would be like this.

But I appreciate it.

Guys and gals, stalkers and paparazzis, instead of overlooking all your gangmates, try to observe how individuals behave and what they lack of. Help them.

A tiny hand, changes the world

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