Wednesday, March 23, 2011


When I do something, I don't hope for praise or gratitude. I only hope for the satisfaction people get. When you see the smile on people faces, you get the eternal smile in your heart. That's my principle, and that's why I joke a lot, even though the jokes are kinda lame or cold.

Blame Malaysia for having a hot and humid country. XD.

My mum said, happiness is a shortlived memory. It doesn't stay. If you want to make it stay, you have to make it everywhere. You smile to yourself, but you can't see it and feel it much. Make people smile, and you will get double the happiness.


Once, I saw my friend tripped over and hurt his knee badly. It was bleeding, no, it wasn't bleeding profusely. You know what I did? I carried him on my back. I wasn't bluffing. I did that. Serious. Although I was a thin and skeletal monster. You can't believe how wide the smile he put on when he reached home. He couldn't stop bowing and thanking me, for which I smiled back, saying. "It's OK, I know how it feels like being hurt and have to drag your way back."

When he was healed, he gave me a pot of soup as gratitude. The moment I smiled and said thanks, he smiled even wider. That kind of two-way smiling, lighten up the atmosphere a lot.

Then, another time, when I was in NS training, my buddy fell sick. It wasn't an ordinary cold, it was a hot cold. I know it sounds paradoxical. But a hot cold is something like, you have a runny nose, painful joins, muscle aches and a feverish feeling. You have a sore throat but you can't cough. It usually is caused by rain + heaty food like fried food. Know what I did? I wrote him a long message of what to do and what not to do, what to eat and what not to eat. I even went to his dorm at night to give him some supplements. In just two days, he was healed.

And guessed what he did? During a sharing session, he stood up, and thanked me in front of everyone. It was kinda touching the way he said "... MZ-lah buddy yang tersayang. I tak pernah kenal sorang pun yang penyayang seperti dyer. Saya sumpah akan jaga dia balik..."

I was almost on my tears, because everyone was looking at me, clapping, smilling and dragging a long note of 'AWWWWWH...'. And he hugged me. I wasn't expecting that. I was, shattered.

The third time was my dormmate, I took care of him when he got seriously ill. I slept next to him. Every time he moaned when he felt unwell, I would wake up and pat him back to sleep, or put some warm handkerchief (yeah, my handkerchiefs finally in use) over his forehead. I even carried him to bathroom and poured hot water for him to drink.

He was healed in a week, with many of his friends thanked me.

I smiled. I wasn't deserving a thank, but I think, he deserved to be helped in such condition.

Why would someone be so selfish and ignore the friends around him/her? Human emotions are the most complicated and yet fragile thing that ever existed. If you can't take care of a fragile thing, don't ever tell me that you are strong physically and mentally.

[PS: Just a pillow talk...]

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