Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pillow Talk

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Unintentionally, you saw someone you missed, or hoped to see; that kind of joy and excitement was unbearable, even your cold face couldn't cover your expression. You thought this is it, somehow you and that someone's destiny are meant to meet, and now you and that someone is only a few metres apart.

You smiled in your heart, stepped out your first step...

Then, another person appeared next to that someone and that someone followed the person away. That someone didn't see you there and that someone just left, with the heavy footsteps stomping on your heart.

You, unintentionally, lowered your head and smiled bitterly, trying to cover up your embarrassment and foolishness. You left the scene. Your mind automatically switched on your soul radio, and you listened to it.

When you are done, you still cannot hide your soft heart shattering loudly in your heart.

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