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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shifting Allegiance

The slower I spend my semester here, the faster I realise my position in the clubs, societies and friends. Good thing or bad? I don't know. But I am beginning to feel the drift under my feet that I should stand on one side while discarding the other.

Forget about best of both worlds. It's just a fairytale lie.

Remember the Wanderer series? Well, a new pilgrimage is done. Dance Club and Music Club. Haha. New pilgrimage. I am leaving all my friend's personal problems that linked to me aside, and focus on new friends, old allies. Those who are not my allies, well, sad to say, we cannot talk much anymore.

Ego kills. But this is the only way to stop my friends' ego from killing me. Call me hypocrite.

I am going to reveal more later tonight. 'Coz I am having presentation. Ciao!

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