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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


After a tiresome search journey, my wallet is BACK!
Thanks to a student from Guitar Advanced Class. Gonna start to learn how to love Guitar now. LOL.... (just for the sake of pleasing that little Juanwyn Didi... XD)
I wanna thank all those who helped to share out my notice on FB, till the Student manage to got the message, even I don't know him/her.
Thanks to your prays and help!
Some more, those who comforted me, tell me to be strong and stay positive, helped me search street after street, observe every step taken in the campus, you all owe me a big THANK!!!!
From this incident, I really know many kinds of people:
1) Don't bother, don't care
2) Helpful and kind
3) Caring and encouraging
4) Greedy and materialistic
5) Homophobic (because some male said helping another male A LOT is like a gay... ==)
Anyway, thank GOD!

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