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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I once hurt my parents so much that they cried. I felt bad and when I was blaming myself, I kept scratching my back of the hand till the skin wore off and revealed its flesh. I wasn't torturing myself. I was feeling difficult. I felt I was utterly useless at that point of my life. Being a kid and still able to make my parents cry.

After that incident, I told myself, physically hurt is only temporary. It heals over time. But mentally being hurt is permanent. It stays there forever and haunts us. I now know how hurt my parents would be without our love.

And I told myself: Love your family.

I remembered when we were just primary students. Early primaries. We used to help each other carry books and stuffs, even though the book weren't heavy. We helped, we played and we cared. It was like "Friendship" was the precious thing in our lives.

But as we grow up, some people choose 'Lovers' over 'Friends'. And not only that, you can't see people helping and caring as they go. When they see people are tired and sleepy, they just ignore, hoping that "Aiya, if he sleepy he will sleep. What for I talk so much?"

But do you know, one word, one simple caring word can actually make a difference?

I often care a lot to my friends. I wait for them to sleep first before I go to sleep when we are on a trip or camp. I let them sit first before I do. I let them eat first before I do.

In other words, I want them to have things first before I do. It's not that I am stupid, I just realise the sense of friendship is losing its way when we grow up.
Friends are not those who drink and play or study with you, is about them being with you whenever it's possible.

I don't own that kind of friend, but I vow to make everyone believe, there is me, changing the perception of people about friends. There is a person, me, who cares and comes to you whenever you want to.

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