Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me : Desire

Ya, I know the picture sucks, but hey, it's my 3rd (I guess?) using a mouse and the Paint program. I am still mastering it, maybe a few more months later you might see a water-coloured painting.
No, that boy there is not me. It's just picture, so don't think too much...
Lately, I know you all have been seeing me depressed. It's all because of Q and the Prey (yeah, the Wanderer stories). Both sides have been making me troubled for so long...
Maybe my desire to have new best friend is too strong.
Maybe my desire to own someone is too strong.
But it just failed.
The mentality here is like.... childish?
Boy and boy walk and talk = gay
Boy and girl walk and talk = couple
Boy and dog walk and talk = ?
OK, I don't want to get that far, but you sure know what I mean.
Where are all those new friends I am seeking for? Forget about Q and Prey, I don't think they will last long with me though...

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