Monday, March 14, 2011


Missing. Two meanings and utterly sad.
Miss someone who has left you. Your heart cracks but never heals. You tried to find someone that looks like your lost friend, but it made your heart even worse. You feel difficult. You want to shout but there is no voice and there is no one to hear you.

Missing. It is lost. You can't find it anywhere else. Your heart never cracks, but it shatters into a billion sparkling pieces, each enlighted with your nostalgia, bittersweet. You pick them up, some pieces hurt you, some make you smile. It now tastes sour. You wish your lost friend is here to help you fix your heart. But your friend never come.

Tears for a lost friend can never end,
Hope that the fate twist and bend,
Nonetheless it can entwine but never find it can...

"When the stars sigh, my heart will cry as you said goodbye,
When will I see you by the sea as we both believe..."

~ From "Tears for a Lost Friend"

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